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Blackberry Jam

A real family favourite, we love the pure blackberry flavour, however some people like to add apples. You can do so if you wish. Just make sure that you stick to the same ratio of fruit to sugar.

907g / 2lbs Blackberries

907g / 2lbs Sugar

1 Lemon

Knob of butter

Thoroughly cleaned and sterilised jars

Makes 4 jars


Wash and drain the berries, tip into a pan and cover with the sugar and the lemon juice. Over a gentle heat, dissolve sugar into the berries and when dissolved, raise the heat to a medium high and bring to a rolling boil. Keep at a rolling boil, do not leave unattended until the mixture begins to set.

Use a cold saucer and spoon some of the mix onto it to check if jam is set. It will wrinkle slightly when ready. Once setting point is reached, remove from heat, add a small knob of butter to jam to clarify and skim off any accumulated scum from the edges. Pour into warm, clean jars*.

*TIPS for jars

Wash and rinse jars thoroughly and place them on a baking tray and put into a 140ºc / 284ºf oven and dry out completely.

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