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Homemade Brown Soda Bread

A delicious and super easy bread to make. It evokes childhood memories of being in the kitchen with my grandmother who made beautiful Brown Soda Bread as well as lovely Scones and Apple Tart - all very traditional dishes. There is nothing like the smell of homemade bread, baking, it is so comforting and very nostalgic for lots of people.

Fresh out of the oven and served with butter and crab Apple Jelly

Pre heat oven to 200ºc / 392ºf 340g / 12oz Whole Meal Flour

113g / 4oz White Flour

Pinch of Salt

5ml / 1 tsp Bread Soda (Sieved)

28.3g / 1 oz Soft Brown Sugar or 1 tablespoon Honey (optional)

1 Egg

568ml / 1 pint Buttermilk

Handful of Sunflower seeds (optional)

Large bowl for mixing


1 Loaf Tin well greased

Place all dry ingredients in the mixing bowl (including sieved bread soda). Mix together roughly. Make a well in the centre. Beat the egg lightly in a cup. Add the beaten egg and most of the buttermilk to the dry mix. Using one hand, mix thoroughly until mixture comes to a dropping consistency. It should be quite wet and sticky. If the mixture feels a bit dry or heavy, add a bit or all of the rest of the buttermilk.

Pour the mix into the well oiled tin, top with sunflower seeds (optional) and bake at 200ºC / 392ºF for 5 minutes, then turn down to 180ºC / 356ºF for a further 40 to 45 minutes.

When ready remove from oven The way to check if the bread is baked is to insert a clean skewer into the centre of the loaf. If skewer comes away clean, the bread is baked. Tapping the base of the loaf is also useful. If there is a hollow sound the bread is baked.

Leave in the tin for a few minutes, then tip out onto a wire rack and allow to cool (if you can before eating!). Make a cup of tea, cut a slice, spread with butter and jam, relax and enjoy!

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